Machaao accepted into FbStart Accelerate Track

Facebook accepts Machaao into their fbStart Accelerate Program (December 15, 2016)

With close to 150K users worldwide, Machaao recently got a boost when it got accepted to be a part of FBStart Accelerate Track.

Making our very own Ganglia, one of the very first messenger chat assistants to be accepted in the accelerate program. This program was recently expanded to support bot mobile startups, as announced by Facebook in early November 2016.

Being a part of this program gets us a year round mentorship and support from the core Messenger team, and a prestigious opportunity to be part of an exclusive global community.

The FbStart program has always been a great incentive by Facebook and expanding the program to the bot space now gives a realistic chance to indie bot developers / companies like ourselves looking to build out a suave AI product on a well established platform like Facebook Messenger.

We developed Ganglia with an objective to provide a deeply personalized experience to each and every sporting fan worldwide, because we firmly believe that “Every Sporting Fan is Unique”.

We started with Cricket, not a particularly popular sport in the Americas but boasts of a massive popularity worldwide, particularly in the Indian Subcontinent. It’s also the 2nd most popular sport in the world after Soccer with 2.5B+ Worldwide Audience and 188M of them are just on Messenger.

Don’t believe us, we just sent our 100 Millionth Score Alert this week and we have processed over 3M+ Incoming messages to the bot in the last 3 months and preparing for more in the future :)

Being a part of the fBStart, Machaao is now able to access Facebook’s greatest partners that offer necessary tools and services that can help sustain businesses looking to double down on their early traction.

We would like to thank Facebook again for the early Christmas gift and also for their continued support for the bot community in general and yes of course, for providing us with access to tools, services & other goodies amounting to $80,000 USD!!!

Have a great weekend ahead and looking forward to an exciting 2017.

Mayank Bhatnagar (Product Marketing @

Here is a small preview
Ganglia now understands Hindi, December 2016
Ganglia is currently available for FREE through Facebook Messenger @ (, where all you have to go to say ‘Hi’ to experience the new generation of following your favorite cricket game.