ICC panel calls for DRS in T20 Internationals

Umpires to send off players for serious misconduct

The ICC Cricket Committee has decided to recommend the usage of the Decision Review System (DRS) in Twenty20 internationals and also plans to suggest giving umpires the power to send off players from the field in response to the most serious incidents of player misconduct, such as on-field violence.

The Committee, at a meeting on May 23 and 24 in London chaired by India coach Anil Kumble, will recommend to the International Cricket Council Chief Executives’ Committee that DRS should be able to be used in all T20 International games.

The so-called Decision Review System (DRS) — where a TV umpire makes a call on decisions taken on the field — is already used in Tests and one-day internationals. The committee said teams will not lose a review, in any game, when an lbw decision comes back from the TV umpire. At the moment, teams can call for one review in each innings in one-day games and two for every 80 overs bowled in Test matches.

“A further recommendation proposes that teams will not lose a review when an LBW review comes back as Umpire’s Call. However, should that be adopted, the 80 over top-up of reviews in Test cricket would be removed,” ICC said in a statement on Thursday.

In addition, umpires will be allowed to send off players for misconduct, bat sizes will be restricted for the first time and run out rules changed from 1 October if the recommendations are approved by the International Cricket Council (ICC) chief executive’s committee.

The committee also suggested introducing restrictions on bat dimensions — thickness of edges and depth of bat — plus a batsman will have made their ground “when a bat bounces after being grounded behind the crease by a running or diving batsman”.

The ICC’s 15-strong cricket committee, chaired by outgoing India coach Anil Kumble, includes a number of other leading ex-players including Andrew Strauss, director of England Cricket, Mahela Jayawardene and Rahul Dravid, plus Australia coach Darren Lehmann and director of England Women’s Cricket Clare Connor.

They met in London this week and Kumble said: “We have had a wonderful couple of days discussing cricket issues and there are a number of highlights.”

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